What is HSIF


The Hague Student Investment Fund (HSIF) working on becoming a student run investment fund, which collaborates with, but is separate from The Hague University of Applied Science (THUAS or HHS). HSIF aims to attract participants, with a increased focus on students from The Hague Metropolitan Area (and beyond), who are looking for funding for their business (ideas). HSIF will provide start-ups and scale-ups with capital which they can use to start or expend their innovative business. HSIF aims to attract this capital from other private investors and venture capital funds who see value in the network of HSIF. This network will consist of young entrepreneurs in and around The Hague with either innovative business plans or an already existing innovative business. The goal is to become the leaders in market awareness of these new businesses so that we can stimulate entrepreneurship and contribute to the businesses of tomorrow whilst offering a unique learning experience for our fellows.

Our Mission

Our Mission is at HSIF is to promote entrepreneurship from students. We want to do this by adding value to their business by providing consultancy, financial aid, marketing and other means. In turn we seek to learn from every experience we encounter, in the form of leadership, teamwork, marketing, financial, organizational and entrepreneurial experience.

Our Vision

HSIF is a student-run venture capital fund managed by students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. HSIF invests into innovative start-ups and scale ups in and around the Hague. We provide working capital for innovative start-ups and scale-ups and help young entrepreneurs to turn their great ideas into reality while providing a unique learning experience for the participating students.

Our Board of Directors