Terms & Conditions HSIF Pitch Event 2022

The HSIF Pitch Event is an initiative of, and will be organised by, The Hague Student Investment Fund, HSIF hereafter. The organisation is reachable by email at info@hsif.nl.


Article 1          General


  1. A participant is considered as one that has signed up via the official sign up channel of HSIF and has received a written invitation to participate the event as pitcher, attendee, or jury.
  2. The Terms & Conditions apply to all offers, agreements, services, and events of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022. With applying for participation, the participant agrees with these Terms & Conditions, of which they receive a copy. Participants who attend the even as audience will also be informed about the Terms & Conditions and will be able to download a copy. At request, the organisation will provide a digital copy.
  3. The HSIF Pitch Event 2022 reserve the rights to make changes to the content of the Terms & Conditions at any given time.
  4. Contradicting terms and conditions of third parties do not apply and may be rejected for consideration.
  5. Nullity or destruction of parts of the Terms & Conditions do not affect the applicability. Nullified or destructed determents will be replaced by determents resembling the scope of the nullified or destructed determents.
  6. Deviation from the Terms & Conditions will only be agreed upon through written agreement.
  7. To the Terms & Conditions, only Dutch law can be applied. Any complaints should first reach the organiser of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022.


Article 2          Participation


  1. Staff of the HSIF Pitch Event are prohibited from participation in the event.
  2. Participation in the HSIF Pitch Event is intended only for people 18 years and older, domiciled in the Netherlands.
  3. The application for participation can only be done through the Google Forms, published on official HSIF channels.
  4. Only complete applications submitted through the official Google Forms will be considered for participation.
  5. The final submission date is 9 June 2022. Complete applications should reach the organisation on 8 June 2022 before 23h59. Any applications submitted after this date, will not be considered.
  6. Every participant can only submit his/her organisation once.
  7. Withholding information or providing false information, which leads to altered conceptions about the participant’s organisation will result in exclusion from the HSIF Pitch Event 2021.
  8. HSIF reserves the rights to not accept an application, without providing argumentation. HSIF reserves the right to expel participants that violate the Terms & Conditions.
  9. By applying for participation, the participant agrees to the storage and use of the submitted data by HSIF. Partners of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022 may receive partial access to the data for communication purposes, the participant will be asked explicit permission. Data is not shared with third parties.


Article 3          Intellectual Property


  1. When applying to participate to the event, the participant agrees that the application is going to be published by on the HSIF website and other HSIF media-channels.
  2. The participant guarantees that he or she is the rightful claimant of the sent in application. The ideas, knowledge and/or the essence of the business, company, the to be pitched ideas or anything else to be pitched has to be owned by the participant, or the participant must have consent/permission in writing from the rightful owner(s) for exploitation.
  3. All participants agree to, without having to ask for permission or permission given, in every way possible picture, (logos)brands, photo’s, video/audio recording and all other items of the participant activity during the event to be recorded, spread, duplicated /manifold and/or to made public on the HSIF website or other media channels.
  4. The authors rights named of the materials mentioned in article 3 section 3 stay in ownership of HSIF, with applying to the event the participant agrees to this. The participant shall not have any ownership of this material or any material/information regarding the HSIF Pitch event 2022, or to related parties without the consent/permission of HSIF in written form to and/or duplicate/manifold and/or to make public any materials or to spread/exploit any materials without consent/permission from HSIF.


Article 4          The Contest


  1. The Pitch event 2022 has the right to change the contest at all times and/or to cancel the event in its entirety.
  2. The composition of the Jury is entirely the responsibility of HSIF. The jury will be made up of independent experts.


Article 5          Rights- and Exploitation


  1. The participant is agreeing that the send in materials in the form of pictures, videos, audio recordings and/or all other materials are voided during the Pitch event of their ownership rights. The participant safeguards HSIF of possible claims by rightsholders or third parties.
  2. The ideas, knowledge and/or essence of the pitch have to be rightfully owned by the participant, or the participant has to obtain consent/permission in writing of the rightful owner for exploitation of the mentioned ideas, knowledge and/or essence.
  3. The participant agrees that the HSIF pitch event 2022 and all related events and its intellectual outcomes are intellectual property owned by HSIF.


Article 6          Publicity


  1. By participating, the participant acknowledges the publication of his/her participation through online and offline communication channels by HSIF. The participation will be publicised on the website of HSIF, and the social media channels of HSIF.
  2. The above paragraph also implicates the publicity after the event has taken place.


Article 7          Liability


  1. HSIF is not liable for any damage occurred in relation to participation in the event unless gross negligence can be proven on the part of HSIF.
  2. When HSIF is to be proven liable for any damages according to the previous paragraph, the damage will be limited to direct damage, and up to the maximum that the liability insurance will cover.
  3. The organisation of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022 is not liable for the claims or complaints in response to infringement of rights of third parties or damage incurred by third parties as a result of the subject or content of the submission of the participant. The participant agrees to safeguard the organisation of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022 from liability of the above mentioned section, as well as providing the organisation indemnification.


Article 8          Partners


  1. Partners of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022 are connected to the event. HSIF is therefore entitled to use their logos and names in HSIF’s communication channels.
  2. Partners of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022 are not implicitly connected to any future events.
  3. The partnership carries validity for the full timespan of the HSIF Pitch Event 2022.