About HSIF


Founded in 2020 as a research project within the Research Group New Finance of THUAS, HSIF has since evolved into an independent foundation.

From the outset, HSIF's mission has been to foster entrepreneurship among students in The Hague region by providing startup capital, offering financial and business advice, organizing workshops and events, and establishing a robust network and community.

HSIF operates with a student board that oversees all of HSIF’s student activities. This student board is supported by a statutory board to ensure continuity.



Students with entrepreneurial ideas need support to turn their dreams into reality. Access to capital for these ideas is often quite limited. However, we recognize that capital alone is not sufficient for growing a business. Start-up capital should empower student entrepreneurs to grow their ventures without unnecessary constraints.

At HSIF, we hold a strong belief that students can be a valuable source of support for their peers because they understand their needs and challenges better. We also advocate for the idea that taking calculated risks is the best way to personal and professional development. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of sharing ideas and networking as crucial keys to achieving success.


HSIF offers start-up capital for promising and impactful business ideas. As an integral part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, HSIF connects entrepreneurial students with the best possible business partners. We provide soft investments, with returns only when your business achieves success!

HSIF supports student entrepreneurs throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Students can actively participate in the student board, gaining an authentic and practical learning experience.

HSIF students organize pitch events, workshops, and engage in research activities. We are in the process of building a community of enterprising students who can collaborate and help each other thrive.

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