Terms and Condition Pitcher Referral program

The HSIF Pitcher Referral program 2024 is an initiative by The Hague Student Investment Fund, hereinafter referred to as HSIF. Correspondence with the organization can be directed to info@hsif.nl.


  1. The referrer must be a current student or alumni of THUAS
  2. The referred student must be a new participant who has not previously engaged with the organization
  3. A referred student can only be referred by one student. If a referred student is referred by more than one referrer, then only the first referrer will be noted as referrer
  4. The referred student must successfully register for the pitch-event at hisf.nl and must be selected by HSIF as participant in a pitching event organized by the organization
  5. The referred student must indicate at the registration-form that he/she is referred by the referrer.
  6. HSIF is free to invite pitchers to the event at its own discretion
  7. The referrer will receive a €20 gift card for each eligible referred student that is invited by HSIF to participate in the pitch-event
  8. Gift cards will be distributed to the referrers within two weeks after the referred student's successful participation of the pitch-event
  9. There is no limit to the number of referrals a student can make, and they will earn a gift card for each eligible referral
  10. The organization reserves the right to verify the eligibility of both the referrer and the referred student before distributing the gift card
  11. This referral program is subject to change or termination at the discretion of the organization
  12. This referral program starts at February 16 2024 and ends at closing of the pitcher-registration of the event.

These Terms and Conditions are effective as of February 16, 2024.

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